Past Successes

Rob Johnson works exclusively with people who have suffered injuries in accidents.
Here are a few examples of some of his past successes.

• Wrongful Death
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Mike, a 45 year old truck driver, was killed when a dump truck loaded with gravel pulled out in front his truck on Highway 169, causing Mike to rear end the dump truck thereby killing him.

The insurance company for the excavation contractor initially denied the claim; however, after starting a lawsuit and taking depositions, Rob was able to obtain a settlement for Mike’s family of $475,000 together with workers’ compensation benefits in excess of $100,000.

• Passenger Ejection
Diane, a 58-year-old home health aide, was a passenger in a car involved in a multi-vehicle accident. The impact of the collision was so severe she was thrown from her car. In addition to a brain injury, Dianesuffered multiple fractures and lacerations. After numerous surgeries, a month-long hospitalization, and lengthy recovery, Diane was unable to resume her job as a home health aide and was forced to give up most of her recreational activities, including biking, rollerblading, and dancing. Diane's medical expenses alone were more than $140,000, and only a small portion was covered by "no-fault" insurance. Rob secured a settlement of $300,000 for Diane, the maximum amount of insurance available. After payment of medical bills and legal expenses, a portion of the settlement was used to purchase a new car for Diane and furnish her new apartment. The remainder of her settlement, $141,000, was used to purchase a tax-free annuity which provides her with a fixed monthly income of $1,100. Over the next 17.5 years, Diane will receive total payments of $231,000 from the annuity.

• Intersection Accident
Dennis, a 58 year old lawncare specialist, was injured in an automobile accident when an uninsured driver made a left turn causing a collision between their vehicles. Dennis sustained serious neck and back injuries which required surgery for a 3-level cervical fusion. Dennis incurred substantial medical expenses in excess of $120,000. Rob was able to obtain payment of Dennis’s uninsured motorist benefits of $250,000 as well as payment of his medical expenses by his "no fault" auto insurance and health insurance.

• Rear End Collision
John and his wife, Leigh, a couple in their 60's, were on their way to their cabin for the weekend. While stopped at a red light on Highway 10 in St. Cloud, their car was rear ended by a pick up truck causing substantial neck and back injuries. Rob obtained a settlement of $250,000 from the other driver’s insurance company along with payment of their medical expenses of $70,000.

• Freeway Collision
Lynn, a 50 year old widow, was rear ended while stopped in traffic on I-394. The rear end collision caused a concussion and serious neck and back injuries. Lynn’s medical expenses were $50,000. "No fault" auto insurance covered $20,000 of Lynn’s medical expenses and the balance was paid by her health insurance. Unfortunately, the driver who rear ended Lynn had limited liability coverage of $30,000. After recovering the "at fault" driver’s liability limit of $30,000, Rob made an additional claim against Lynn’s own insurance company for underinsured motorist coverage and recovered an additional $225,000, for a total recovery of $255,000.

• Highway U-turn
Mark, a 30-year-old television news producer and reporter, was injured when a dump truck owned by the State of Minnesota made a U-turn in front of him on a metro area freeway. Mark sustained multiple facial fractures and lacerations as well as a hip fracture as a result of the collision. After two surgeries, a three-week hospitalization, and lengthy recovery, Mark was able to return to his job as a news producer for a local television station in spite of his facial fractures and scarring Mark’s medical expenses were approximately $60,000. "No-Fault" insurance only covered $20,000 of his medical expenses, so the balance was paid by his health insurance. Rob obtained a settlement of $230,000 for Mark, the maximum amount recoverable from the State of Minnesota and his underinsured motorist coverage.

• Head-on Collision
Mary, a 50-year-old letter carrier, was delivering mail when her vehicle was hit head-on by a driver who lost control of his car on a snowy highway. Mary sustained a severe injury to her right knee in the collision. She underwent three separate surgeries which prevented her from returning to work for an extended period of time. Most of Mary’s medical expenses and wage loss were paid by workers’ compensation.

Rob obtained $30,000, the limit of the other driver’s liability insurance, and also made a claim against her automobile insurance company for underinsured motorist benefits, which was settled for the policy limits of $100,000. In addition, Rob made a wage loss claim against her "no-fault" insurance company, which paid her an additional $20,000.

• Freeway Collision
Karen, a 44 year old secretary, aggravated her prior neck and back injuries as a result of a rear end collision which occurred while she was stopped in traffic on I-694. Karen underwent a cervical fusion with plating. Although Karen already had advanced degenerative disc disease in her neck and back, Rob was able to obtain a settlement of $183,000 from the other driver’s insurance company together with payment of her medical expenses of $177,000.

• Neurotomy
Rob has handled numerous cases involving facet joint injuries with radio frequency neurotomies. These cases frequently result in policy limit settlements in excess of $100,000. For more information about facet joint injuries and past neurotomy cases, please click here.

Rob Johnson was responsible for bringing these cases and many others to a successful conclusion. If you have any questions about an accident that you or a loved one was involved in, please feel free to call him at 651-457-3333. Rob is available to meet with you to discuss your accident at your home or at one of our conveniently located offices at no charge.